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[API Create Profile] Profile receive 201 but they don't appears between profiles table


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Hi All,


I have an integration that creates profiles with API Calls. Time to time happens that a profile is created in campaign but it doesn't appear on the profile table.


If I tried to do the same API Call I receive an error because there is already that primary key.

What is also strange is that if in a workflow I do reconciliation with that profile Id, the profile appears in the keep interim result log with all the information I've inserted previously through the API Call.


I tried to contact Adobe but they are not able to give me any solution.


Did anyone of you experience this problem?

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Employee Advisor

Do you have permission handling with organizational units enabled on your instance?

Or do you have any link on the profile table which could prevent the display? (i.e. a 1:1 link with missing target)

Yes I've permission and no I don't have any table 1:1.


All the customers are imported through API and this impact small number of customers.


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If your using organization make sure you are using the ProfileAndServicesExt endpoint and not the ProfileAndServices endpoint.


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Hi @gabrieleg615679,


Just wanted to check, Is profile table linked with any other table. If yes, does the linked table has data related to the primary you are entering in the Profile table. My understanding is, your linked table doesn't have data related to the primary key you are inserting in the profile table. Please check once.



Hi @gabrieleg615679,

Were you able to resolve this query with the help of any of the given solutions or do you still need more help here? Do let us know.

Sukrity Wadhwa