Key Insights Dashboard








There is no dashboard where I can permanently save KPIs that are important to me, have the data always accessible to me, have visualization charts to show me trends in that data, and be able to change the time period when I look at it. For example, key data that I suspect all users of ACS may want to know:

1. Opt-In rate by channel (email, push, SMS, etc.)

2. # of opted-in users by channel

3. Email send volume over time

4. Delivery Rate

5. Open Rate

6. Click Rate

7. Click-to-Open Rate

8. Unsub Rate

9. Linked Sales (revenue generated from email)

10. Average Order Value

11. Conversion Rate

Those are standard metrics that a vast amount of email marketers need, and this should be in a visualized dashboard within ACS, not tucked away in dynamic reports that need to be re-run each time and lacking proper visualization. I am happy to help Adobe get this done right.