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I have a campaign instance running on Server A. I'd like to copy that instance onto Server B such that I can login with the same user/pass i used when the instance is on server A (redundancy). Also since that instance is already connected to the DB I wouldn't need to obtain the DB password from IT, which would cause delays.


Is this as simple as copying the config-instance.xml file to server B? Appreciate the help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @sarrankanp50398 

Yes if your server B is already setup and running then you can to do only below steps. Assuming by what you mentioned it looks the server B is already working for you and is installed till the point of instance creation which is done using account "internal". Remember there is no addtional database setup required since we would be pointing to the same database.


Step1- Copy the two files config-instance.xml eg (config-Adobe.xml) and serverconf.xml files from server A to B where you want to replicate the environment. (Take a backup of two files before you replace them with files from server A)
Step2-You Need to make sure the instance is having the same name and restart the services for IIS and ACC on server B.
This is how it is used in our environment which has multiple application and web servers and also when servers have to be migrated as per requirement from client. This way all objects like operators, workflows, schemas, etc are replicated to the other servers.


If server B is not build yet. Please follow the high level steps which i have listed to setup and configure assuming it is windows setup for which you need to install below software with admin rights access. You might have to reach your internal staff or admin if in case they look after the setup.

Install Java (default location C)
Install Oracle client
Install IIS (Only defaults and 2 ISAPI features)
Install Adobe Campaign Server (Integrate with IIS)
Install Adobe Campaign Client

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Hi @sarrankanp50398 - there is a bit more to setting your application servers up for redundancy. I would suggest you have a look at a typical setup that involves application  server redundancy and you will get an idea of what is involved: