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Reimagining the Adobe Workfront Lion Awards A..



Reimagining the Adobe Workfront Lion Awards

As many of you know, the Adobe Workfront Lion Awards has been how we highlight teams that take work management to the next level within their organizations and teams. These 7 awards, including Work Management Leadership, Rising Star, Modern Work Leader, Operational Excellence, Strategic Achievement, Technical Excellence, and Organizational Agility, will be seeing an exciting transformation in the coming weeks.

Starting this year, all 7 Lion Awards will be directly integrated into existing Adobe Experience Maker Awards categories, which awards professionals across all Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. The reason for this is to streamline our approach in how we recognize both individuals and organizations moving forward. Since the Experience Maker Awards spans 13 global and 3 regional categories, it also opens up the opportunity for Workfront customers to apply to a wider variety of categories relevant to their background.

We made sure to align award criteria so that all Workfront submissions continue to stand out for their contributions and expertise. Please see the below details on how the Lion Awards are tied to the Experience Maker Awards.

  • Work Management Leadership ‚Äî> The Transformer
  • Rising Star ‚Äî> The Maverick
  • Modern Work Leader ‚Äî> The Ambassador
  • Operational Excellence, Strategic Achievement, Technical Excellence, and Organizational Agility ‚Äî> The Collaborator

There are also 9 additional global categories that any Workfront Customer can apply for:

  • The Magnifier
  • The Orchestrator
  • The Advocate
  • The Analyzer
  • The Architect
  • The Changemaker
  • The Closer
  • The Mastermind
  • The Illuminator

I’d also like to give a special callout to The Collaborator category, which was reworked this year to align with business use cases and objectives most relevant to Workfront customers. In other words, The Collaborator was created for Workfront users like yourself!

To learn more about the Experience Maker Award global and regional categories, check out their definitions and submissions criteria here. You can also sign up for more information regarding the 2022 Adobe Experience Maker Awards here.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment down below or send me a private message. Thank you!


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Did I read this correctly and the WF-only award has become a "any Adobe product" award?



Hi @Kevin Quosig‚ Thanks for your response. Yes, you are correct in that the legacy Workfront Awards are being streamlined into existing Adobe awards that can be earned by any Adobe Experience Cloud customer. However, Workfront customers will still be the most competitive applicants for the Collaborator Award, since this award was redesigned for customers with extensive work management and project management experience. With this integration, we are also recognizing more individuals, with 6 individual awards rather than the previous two (Rising Star and Modern Work Leader). Even though we are opening up the Workfront-only awards, we are also expanding the number of award categories available to Workfront customers, with 9 additional awards as mentioned above. I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any additional questions!