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Collaboration in agile teams (reflect task statuses in real-time)


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We currently think about how to provide overviews for tasks and thought about the kanban board in the team structure. The idea was that the team manager can take a look at the kanban board to quickly get information about who and what status belongs to a particular task. Unfortunately, the kanban board does not automatically reflect the statuses of the tasks which are "stuck" in the backlog so to say. It would be nice if the kanban board automatically reflects the task status and shows it visually on the board.

The other option is to create reports on that, but i would have been convenient.

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This backlog issue is something we're struggling with as well. It would be nice if items that link to our Team Kanban get updated from the backlog to the appropriate column when the task status is changed. When an item is in a column on the Board that corresponds with a task status and the status is changed, it moves columns accordingly. Does anyone know if this is being addressed with any of the agile updates occurring? @ewanh tagging you here since I saw your name on another agile thread.