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Workfront Wednesday: Did You Know? NEW Reports and Dashboards Resource Page!




Announcing our NEW Reports and Dashboards Resource Page!

Designed to save you time by curating content across our resource sites, we're excited to announce our NEW Workfront Reports and Dashboards Resource page. The page features an intro to the basics of Workfront reporting and takes you beyond for more advanced customers. You'll find quick video tutorials, links to on-demand and live training, and popular help articles we use every day with customers. This will be a dedicated and continuously updated resource site, so please bookmark this page!

The Reports and Dashboards Resource Page will also house past “Workfront Wednesday: Did You Know?” blog posts focused on reporting or text mode, along with registration details for future “Workfront Wednesday: Ask the Expert Workshops” and recordings of past workshops, including today's!

This morning at 8:00 am PST, Oct. 2, we’ll hold our second monthly Ask the Expert Workshop, hosted by Sr. Workfront Learning Program Manager, Chuck Middleton. This workshop will focus on understanding Mix and Capacity - that is, what you’re working on: run work vs. change work, how much total work your organization can handle - and ways to display the data using Workfront reporting. 

Today, the workshop will reference two text mode tips, described below: 

  1. How to change ID to name in a report column

In a task or issue report, if you want to change the column for project owner ID to project owner name, you will want to navigate into the Report Builder, click on the column, switch to text mode and replace ID with :name in the valuefield line. The updated text mode code should look like this:


For additional information, or to watch a short how-to video on how to change ID to name in a report column, click here to access our past blog post on the Community site. 

2. How to filter for tasks that do not have a certain custom form attached

In a task report, if you want to filter for tasks that do not have a specific custom form attached, text mode must be applied. Navigate to the filter tab of the Report Builder and switch to text mode. Paste the following four lines of text mode code. 

Important: Make sure that you replace the ID of "5d76d82600e7926bb51eeb1e0886810e" with the ID of the custom form in your environment. 





For additional information regarding the use of EXISTS within text mode reporting, read through the full article, Create Complex Text-Mode Filters Using EXISTS Statements

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