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Scott McKell, Enterprise Account Executive - Workfront





As an Enterprise Account Executive, I manage my accounts in Salesforce and manage the work related to those accounts in Workfront.

I use Workfront to manage 2 things – my existing accounts and my prospect accounts. With existing accounts, there are always things we need to stay on top of from account plans to value pyramids to plans on how we can expand these accounts with Workfront. With a prospect account, there are always tasks and actions to be done to move the prospect forward. Ideally, they will follow a sequence of events from the first conversation to the close of the contract.

In order to stay on top of all of these moving parts, Workfront is essential in helping me keep track of these activities. It is also imperative that the professional services (CX) team has what they need in order to successfully implement a new customer. Inside of each customer’s project, the CX team will find recordings of demos, value maps where we have put together processes, as well as the customer’s process docs that they are using today.

All of these tools and processes create a single source of truth in how I manage my day-to-day activities. Having everything centralized is not only easy for me, but enables the CX teams to get the ball rolling for customers even faster. And because all of my data is in one place, if I ever need to run reports, I can do that in a click of a button. It’s been a game changer for me.


I created a custom view where I’m able to track progress being made to my account plans inside of my own portfolio.


This is a sequence of events that we are following with a prospect account. All customer docs, value pyramids, maps, etc. are planned, managed, trackable and accessible.


The CX team will automatically inherit access to all relevant recordings as well as these documents to hit the ground running from day one.

An additional and significant benefit is that I can speak with authority to prospects and customers about how I manage my work in Workfront.