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Block external URL's for receiving automated channel surface parameters


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There is currently no option with a channel surface or email template to prevent additional channel surface applied URL parameters from being included in external domain based links.


For instance, we may wish to only have the additional automated parameters to be included with sender address based links and not externally facing links such as facebook.com.

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Hi @psheppardNordea ,


You can modify the URL structure and apply appropriate filtering mechanisms to exclude unwanted parameters.

Here are a few steps to achieve this:

  1. Modify the URL structure: Use a separate set of URL parameters for internal and external links. This way, you can easily identify and exclude the unwanted parameters when generating external links.

  2. Filter the parameters: In your code, you can filter out the unwanted parameters when generating external links. For example, you can use a regular expression to match the parameters that should be excluded, and then remove them before constructing the external link.

  3. Implement a redirect: Another option would be to use a server-side redirect. You can implement a redirect on the server that receives the request with the unwanted parameters and then sends the request to the correct location without the parameters.

It's important to note that the exact implementation details will depend on the technology stack you are using. However, the general idea is to separate the URL parameters used for internal and external links, and then implement a mechanism to exclude the unwanted parameters when generating external links.