Use Data Layer Event



Would be great if we could have DTM recognize events pushed (as outlined in the W3C Digital Data Layer spec; to the relevant Data Layer/Universal Data Object 


If we could build Event Rules off of events pushed to the data layer there would no longer be a need for _satellite.track("event") code embedded in a page. This would keep DTM and the data layer totally indendant of the UI content and one less thing to worry about breaking when changes to a pge are made for content or functional reasons. When I have a page I want to track multiple events on that are not CSS related today it requires adding multiple _satellite.track()'s to the page. 


I also think this would make configuring DTM for Single Page Apps easier as all you need to do is have development push a "Page View" event into the data layer instead of firing a _satellite.track("pageview") every time. Development is laready pushing all kinds of data for each page into the data layer this would just be one more.


I'm guessing it would require for DTM to be "aware" of what the specific data layer was named so as to add the listener code but I think this would be a tremendous improvement and make DTM even more efficient than what it is today for configuring rules with dependancy on code in the page other than the _satellite code.