When will support for Felix SCR annotations be removed?



I have a bunch of legacy code that uses the deprecated Felix SCR annotations and I'm wondering how much longer they will be supported in core AEM. I've read the "Deprecated and Removed Features" docs for 6.4 & 6.5 and they don't mention anything about annotations. Does anyone have any thoughts or insights on this?

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Hi andyshreve​,

Although there is no mention of the support being removed totally anywhere, it has been stated in Apache Felix documentation that the SCR annotations are in maintenance mode. This means that no new features will be added and one can expect minimal to no support for issues.

Also as mentioned here, SCR annotations still work in AEM 6.4 but recommendation is to update any existing files using SCR to use DS annotations in an incremental manner whenever you happen to touch the files. The new archetypes in AEM also no longer mention SCR dependencies in the POM which is an indication of the things to come ahead.

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