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The Benefit of Adobe Experience Manager - Sites as Your Content Management System | AEM Community Blog Seeding




The Benefit of Adobe Experience Manager - Sites as Your Content Management System by Angèle Taylor


A Content Management Solution is vital tool to engage with customers. Therefore, choosing the correct CMS for your organization is pivotal to an organizations brand. Here is an overview of why Adobe Experience Manages (AEM) - Sites is a leader in the CMS space.

AEM Sites is built in a modular structure to reduce the time to create new content. Leveraging features such as Experience and Content fragments, creates a single source of truth for content which can be utilized in multiple locations but maintained from one master instance. AEM Sites also creates a personalized, omni-channel experience that follows a user through the devices they want to interact with, ensuring they are receiving consistent and relevant information as they change their interactions with an organization.

Out of the box, AEM Sites comes with production-ready components along with business-friendly authoring, which allows for marketers to quickly get marketing campaigns into production at faster rates. Multi-site management and translation services allow for a single location to manage variations of websites based on a master but customized for specific markets.

AEM Sites is offered as a Cloud Service accelerating the time-to-market. You can depend on continuous delivery and auto-scaling to be able to handle spikes in demand, ensuring uninterrupted experiences for users.

Being part of the AEM solution stack, Sites leverages Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI, to help ensure the best content delivery for users. Two powerful features that Adobe Sensei which can help in content creation are Smart Layouts and Content Summarization. Smart Layouts dynamically optimize web layouts using analytics to deliver the most engaging content for the specific user. Content summarization will generate engaging reviews based on articles to help entice users to engage with the content.

If you would like to learn more about how AEM Sites can benefit your specific business needs please feel free to reach out to me.

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The Benefit of Adobe Experience Manager - Sites as Your Content Management System


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