RTE wrap text with tag when Bold icon is clicked

sreekalyanip 29-11-2018

I have a requirement when the user clicks on Bold icon of the RTE then the text has to be wrapped with <strong> tag instead on <b>.

I tried using the solution from the link Experiencing Adobe Experience Manager - Day CQ: AEM 61 - Touch UI Rich Text Editor Remove Bold and A... but i am not able to add the Strong plugin. From the solution able to remove the bold tag but not able to add Strong plugin.

I am using AEM 6.3 + Service pack 2. Any help in this regard.

I would like to overlay this solution and not confined to just one component so whenever a RTE is used and bold is clicked then the text should be wrapped with <strong> tag instead of <b> tag.

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vipins5188 29-11-2018


One options is to create custom plugin ,add it on toolbar ,hide existing Bold plugin. For this you can refer the example given by smacdonald2008​ above.

Another solutions is you overlay existing command for bold plugin and replace <b> with <strong>. For this you can overlay DefaultFormatting.js.

Code you need to change is

_getTagNameForCommand: function(cmd) {

        var cmdLC = cmd.toLowerCase();

        var tagName = null;

        switch (cmdLC) {

            case "bold":

                tagName = "b";  //Change this "b" with "strong"


            case "italic":

                tagName = "i";


            case "underline":

                tagName = "u";


            case "subscript":

                tagName = "sub";


            case "superscript":

                tagName = "sup";



        return tagName;


Hope this helps.

srikary71884977 17-01-2019

Hello Folks,

I am using Aem 6.4 instance and i need to configure the RTE where i should see the <strong> tag instead of <b> and <em> tag instead of <i>. How can i achieve this?

Solution for this would really help me.

Many thanks in advance,


sreekalyanip 30-11-2018

Hi Vipin,

If we overlay DefaultFormatting.js initially the tag <b> is getting replaced with strong. After saving and reopening the dialog again it is not possible anymore to remove the <strong>-Tags. So any suggestion to solve this.


sreekalyanip 29-11-2018

Hi Arun,

In this case the resource super type for the text component has to be always text component from core. But if we use Text component from "general" then this solution does not apply.

So basically want to have custom plugin in toolbar for RTE in 6.3 where it will wrap the text with <strong>.