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How to programmatically access the AEM JCR by Adobe Docs


You can programmatically modify nodes and properties located within the Adobe CQ repository, which is part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud. To access the CQ repository, you use the Java Content Repository (JCR) API. You can use the Java JCR API to perform create, replace, update, and delete (CRUD) operations on content located within the Adobe CQ repository. For more information about the Java JCR API, see https://jackrabbit.apache.org/jcr/jcr-api.html.

Create a Repository instance
Although there are different ways to connect to a repository and establish a connection, this development article uses a static method that belongs to the org.apache.jackrabbit.commons.JcrUtils class. The name of the method is getRepository. This method takes a string parameter that represents the URL of the Adobe CQ server. For example http://localhost:4503/crx/server.

The getRepositorymethod returns a Repositoryinstance, as shown in the following code example.

//Create a connection to the AEM JCR repository running on local host
Repository repository = JcrUtils.getRepository("http://localhost:4503/crx/server");

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How to programmatically access the AEM JCR


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