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Blueprint for Multi-Channel Orchestration in Adobe Experience Platform | AEM Community Blog Seeding




Blueprint for Multi-Channel Orchestration in Adobe Experience Platform by Stories by Jaemi Bremner on Medium


In our first post of this series, Adobe Experience Platform introduces Digital Experience Blueprints — a whole new way to learn and understand how you can use its technology to build incredible customer experiences. This post introduces an Adobe Experience Platform Digital Experience Blueprint that brands can use to quickly build a Platform implementation for multi-channel messaging orchestration to drive customer-led engagement at scale across every channel.

Today for enterprises, the customer journey is more complex than it has ever been. Customers jump from one channel to another, often multiple times, before they convert in the way a brand wants them to. However, customers value seamless and personalized experiences without understanding the technical architecture and solutions to deliver real-time contextual experiences. Customers want the experiences that will deliver the best value for their lives. Enterprises want to deliver value to scale their operational efficacy and investments that deliver an ROI.
Despite large investments, brands continue to struggle with multi-channel orchestration. Only 3% are able to offer true omnichannel personalization, informed by real-time data from all channels and which extends across all touchpoints to every interaction a customer has with a brand. According to Forrester, 61% of brands lack the resources to support multi-device contextual experiences.

Most companies today are still researching or mapping their customer journeys, and more than 70% of brands report having less than half of their marketing channels connected. This is because of the proliferation of customer data across channels and teams makes it difficult to effectively execute effective customer experience management. As a user interacts with your brand, behavioral and personal data sources are being collected across channels. However, this data often sits in silos across the organization, which makes it difficult to build the unified customer profile necessary to deliver omnichannel experiences.

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Blueprint for Multi-Channel Orchestration in Adobe Experience Platform


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