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Beginner’s guide: How to become the best AEM expert? by Pattem Digital


Introduction to AEM development
AEM is not your day-to-day website building tool. It is more than that. It provides aesthetically pleasing, efficient and robust features to separate yourself from your competitors.

Understanding AEM and building the best AEM website is as challenging as building a difficult product within a short time. You need to get a grip on the technology before you start exploring the most awaited methodologies. To become that in-demand, most wanted or industry-adored AEM developer, you need to inculcate certain practices that would differentiate you from average developers. What are they?
Here we have mentioned the AEM development best practices to follow. If you are going to start implementing this, you would not only gain knowledge but would know the sure-fire ways to succeed in your AEM attempts. What are the best methods to sustain in the industry in the long-term? We have listed a few of them over here.

What do the developers’ community say?
According to an AEM expert in the official forum, the AEM Docs would not teach you about the entire process. It is just your beginning in the long journey of AEM. They are going to help you learn more features like how to upload your assets, set app permissions and authoring tasks. The official AEM community would hold plenty of other information that you need to get used to. Being active over there would let you know the AEM development best practices. With over 200 AEM HELPX articles, you can learn how to perform different use cases.

Trying your hands to get certified in AEM is also the best way to leave your mark. The industry considers an AEM expert with certification to be an asset. Though it is not a smoothie ride to gain your certificate, you can gain immense knowledge in the process. This would help you to sustain in the heat, cold and spring of the market while you follow the AEM development best practices.

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Beginner’s guide: How to become the best AEM expert?


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