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AEM5.6.1 SP2 | Redirected to /system/sling/cqform/defaultlogin.html instead of 404 page


Level 2

My publish instance doesn't show 404 page for the anonymous user. Instead it shows the "/system/sling/cqform/defaultlogin.html" page.

If I am logged in as admin user, it works fine and shows the 404 error.

Did anyone face the same issue?

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Level 7


Write some code to check if the logged in user/anonymous user has access to that particular resource he/she is trying to access. Then login with as admin to the repo and try to access the same resource again. Most probably there you would get 403 status code, as the anonymous user might not have access to the page. Here is a similar thread to your problem which should be helpful.


Check ACS Commons solution which is a good solution to handle all the error pages - http://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/features/errorpagehandler.html

Thanks Tuhin