Form will not submit using the File Attachment OOTB Component in the Publish Server

briankasingli-4 07-06-2018

Submitting the form does not submit when the "File Attachment" adaptive form component exists on the adaptive form. No logged in users are proceeded, the form is published, and the submit action is the simple out of the box email submit action.

On submit, in the network tab, I can see that the HTTP Request URL stops at /content/forms/af/my-test-adaptive-form/jcr:content/ Typically on a successful submission, the HTTP Request URL should go to /content/forms/af/s/jcr:content/

I performed some tests:

test 1: logged in as admin

- works perfectly

test 2: logged in as test-user; this user is a member of form-user group

- works perfectly

test 3: anonymous user (not logged in)

- like the description above, the HTTP Request URL is stuck /content/forms/af/my-test-adaptive-form/jcr:content/

test 4: anonymous user (not logged in); his user is a member of the administrator's group

- like the description above, the HTTP Request URL is stuck /content/forms/af/my-test-adaptive-form/jcr:content/


  1. What can I do to enable the file attachment component for anonymous users in my published adaptive form?
  2. I understand the flow of a submission. Files are uploaded when only when files exist, but what is the implementation of this? I need a lower level understanding of what engineering decisions were in this case, because of anonymous users not able to upload files. Documentation - Adobe Experience Manager Help | Writing custom Submit action for adaptive forms

Additional Details:

  • File Attachment Component - /libs/fd/af/components/guidefileupload
  • Submission Action - /libs/fd/af/components/guidesubmittype/email
  • Adaptive Form Status: Published

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

briankasingli-4 08-06-2018

It's a Mac OSX problem. I've put together an adaptive form with the exact same setup on a Windows machine, and everything is working fine; anonymous can successfully attach files. In the past, working with the Forms add-on package, Windows usually performs the best; I usually get problems on the Mac OSX machines.

However, please explain the temporary location and files attachments are actually uploaded to the adaptive form? Documentation skips this low level detail.


Answers (14)

Answers (14)

cqcoder 22-08-2018

Hi Mayank,

Never mind, it was our apache config which was not allowing /tmp to pass thru was causing those errors!!

So the fix for my issue was to enable Forms Common Configuration Service for all users!!

Thank you.

cqcoder 22-08-2018

Wow, that is fantasic. Thanks for digiging out that configuration!!

I enabled it and from the publisher:4503 the file attachement is uploaded successfully!!

But when I access thru the dispatcher,  the submission fails with a server error

22.08.2018 12:39:56.448 *ERROR* [ [1534966796445] POST /content/<project>/en/home/tmp/fd/af/<form> HTTP/1.1] Unable to create resource named fd in /content/<project>/en/home/tmp

22.08.2018 12:39:56.448 *ERROR* [ [1534966796445] POST /content/<project>/en/home/tmp/fd/af/<form> HTTP/1.1] Exception during response processing. Unable to create node at /content/<project>/en/home/tmp/fd

        at []

ie: it is trying to create the temporary file under /content/<project>/en/home/tmp/fd folder which does not exists.

If I access the publisher thru port #, it creates the temp file under /tmp/fd/af/<form>/

Not sure If I am missing some configration, that the guideContainer.fd.tempstorageprovider.jsp is giving a wrong path for the submission flow?

smacdonald2008 22-08-2018

Another test to try is see if you can hit a custom submit action on pub - this will tell us if there is a serious issue with the Pub instance. See Adobe Experience Manager Help | Submitting Adaptive Form Data to MySQL using a DataSourcePool .

This should work on Pub - if Pub is functioning normally

cqcoder 22-08-2018

This happens in the publisher.  I have enabled anonymous access on the tmp folders.  As part of troubleshooting we enabled crx/de on publisher (PRODUCTION mode) and logged in as admin, then the form attachment worked !!.  Our use case is that the form need to work without any user loggin in.

cqcoder 21-08-2018

Not sure how this is a mac osx issue. Especially when a login session is available it uploads successfully and when not logged in, it fails.

I'm using 6.4 AEM forms and facing same in mac machine and windows 10 / chrome / ie browsers.

Found that when a logged in session is available , it creates the temp file under


thinking that the /tmp/fd/af needs read/write/modify permission, I gave those to 'everyone' group, but still the file upload is not working.

Created a ticket with Adobe AEM CS, waiting response...


Pretty much all the forms that you save would be going in the CRX, you also have the option to store them in the database[1]. The Submit action that you choose would define whether the form would be submitted to a workflow, email or to a REST endpoint.

[1]Adobe Experience Manager Help | Sample for integrating drafts & submissions component with database


Hi BrianKli,

You may login to crx de console and check for the saved and submitted data under(in case of form portal submit) /crx/de/index.jsp#/content/forms/fp


briankasingli-4 08-06-2018

Hello Davin,

Can you please share more details about the server?

AEM 6.3
Package: AEM (service pack 2)

Package: AEM Forms MACOSX  (service pack 2)

Is it working fine for the anonymous user without attachment?

Yes, in submitting an adaptive form in the publish environment without no files attached works fine.

Here's the setup of the adaptive form.

- New Adaptive Form
     - GuideContainer

          - Submit Action = OOTB email action

          - Panel
              - Email Address Component

              - File Attachment (Component)
              - Submit (Component)

Then Publish.     

An Anonymous User in Publish Environment views adaptive form. He/She files in the form with their email address and attaches a file. The user presses on submit, the form prompts a loading icon and its stuck. He/She checks the network tab in Chrome debugger, and realizes that the last HTTP Request made was to /content/forms/af/my-test-adaptive-form/jcr:content/

The Anonymous User tries to submit the form again with their email address and a file attachment, and the outcome is the same.

The lesson we see here is, if an anonymous user attaches a file, in the publish instance, the submission will never be fulfilled, unless if you are logged in.

Let me know if this is enough details.


Hello Brian,

Can you please share more details about the server? Because its working fine at our end.

Although preview of the attachment is disabled by default but that has no relation with submission failure. Is it working fine for anonymous user without attachment?