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AEM Clientlib Minification issue and how to debug- by Debal Das


We all know that minification allows us to reduce the size of the files being requested.

We also know that AEM provides an OOTB OSGi configuration to enable minification on the instances which in time will reduce the size of the Javascript (JS)/CSS files being requested, improving the loading time of the pages.

But many times minification didn’t work despite being this AEM OOTB OSGi configuration enabled on AEM clientlibs.

Personally I had encountered this issue and even I have seen several posts specially with ECMASCRIPT6 minification isn’t working or clientlib isn’t getting minified.

Now I will talk about how can we debug this issue here.


Like any other issue we always start the debug with log file so, no exception in this case also.

We need to check error.log file of the relevant AEM instance and then search with the file name like clientlib.min.js or clientlib.js

Please don’t get confused with .min. in that file name. I know it looks like file gets minified but it actually don’t.

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AEM Clientlib Minification issue and how to debug-


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