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AEM Assets Labeling System for Restricted Assets by davidnestor19


AEM allows for customization of the TouchUI to fit the client’s needs through client libraries and overlays. Combined with AEM’s tagging capabilities, information that needs to be directly displayed to users can be made instantly available through labels and adding additional fields to the asset and collection views.

In this example a client needs to communicate to their marketing team that certain assets have restrictions on where they can be used or require credit to the image’s owner. To do this we create a new set of tags, modify the metadata schema, and then create the necessary client libraries, overlays, and servlets for handling the logic.

Tagging system
First, create the tags that will be used for labeling. This can be a single tag or a series of tags. Using tags makes it easy for users to add (or remove) new properties as they are needed. Then, add a new field to your metadata schema. In our case, we have a simple Yes/No dropdown and then a tag Standard Tags selector that appears when Yes is selected from Restrictions dropdown.

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AEM Assets Labeling System for Restricted Assets


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