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Hi Team, 


Can any one let me know how to configure SMS channel in Adobe classic. Currently we are only using email channel. 

Questions : 

1. is it chargable if we use SMS channel

2. Can we configure this channel or is it Adobe's task to configure for us

3. Can you provde me some documentations if we can configure ourselfs.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @Ramaswami

1. Yes SMS channel will be chargeable. The cost depends on your service provider and the plan you have with them. Most will charge depending on how many SMS you send per day/week/month and give discounts per SMS for more sends. Also be aware that Campaign Classic always requests a "Read Receipt" from your service provider so it can tell if the message has been delivered on the handset. This is usually an extra charge (but not always)

2. You can configure this yourself with the help of the service provider, but I would recommend involving Adobe or a skilled partner to help. There is a bit of config to do with both Adobe Campaign and the Service Provider and get right before it will function correctly


Cheers Darren

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