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Anybody who has implemented Facebook integration?

I have Adobe Campaign Classic 7, 8936 version and I am trying configure a Facebook integration.

For that,

  • I created an external account with Type= routing
  • I created a Facebook app with the Facebook account which I use to administer pages. This Facebook app has Facebook Web Games type.
  • I have the Facebook Login product on this Facebook app
  • The Facebook app is published.
  • I filled the ApplicationID and Application Secret on the connector tab of my external account.
  • I filled Secure Web Games URL (https) and under Products > Facebook Login > Settings > Valid OAuth Redirect URIs on my Facebook app with the secure canvas URL. The Check URI is OK.

Now, when I request the authorization from the application link at the bottom of the Connector tab, it returns a new window requesting me the Adobe Campaign credentials, but when I filled with my administrator credentials (the same than I configure the facebook external account and I am logged), it returns an error about my IP (but, I am logged on Adobe Campaign!)


anybody knows what happen? I can't finish the facebook integration and I don't know why.

Best regards.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Joanag,

You will get IP error when in your serverConf.xml file you have defined access to fixed number of IPs within securityZone.

Now, when you are redirected to different IP when checking Integration connection, IP is not defined in serverConf.xml file.

Please check IP of the URL where you were asked for credentials and verify whether you are allowed to logon to that IP or not.

serverConf.xml file will have xml tags for securityZone like: