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Hi All,

Trying to explore options here to use email links to route to app from ac classic. I saw enabling mobile services with acquisition helps to create marketing links that route to an app, that requires creating universal/app links correct?



Does anyone know any other option or have used 3rd party integration with ac and brach/appflyer/custom options?


Thank you!

Adobe Campaign Classic deep link Mobile App Analytics

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hello @priyal_b ,

You can use Appflyers OneLine Deeplinking features where it will detect the device type and redirect the users. 

If the link is opened on the dekstop then it will redirect user to desktop website and if the device is mobile and app is installed then the app will open according to the url provided.
Here is the documentation available:

The only concern with this approach is that, Appsflyer will have all the attribution report instead of adobe analytics.

Let me know if that helps.


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Answers (2)



Hi @priyal_b we are currently working through an integration with and ACC. Its a fairly straightforward setup from the Campaign side and the integration also continues to use the current click tracking that Campaign currently uses. Branch just intercepts the click request first, forwards the click track / open back to Campaign and then decides how to process your link based on your Branch dashboard settings. You can tell each link to deep link into the app or only open in a browser only depending on your use case.




Hi @priyal_b ,


The challenge is that the link to your app is going to be different based on which mobile platform the user has. So in the perfect scenario, you want to change the link (and maybe the content) dynamically based on whether the user is on iOS, Android or Desktop.

For example, this code would open twitter profile in the Twitter app (if you have it installed) from an email:

<a href="twitter://user?screen_name=twitter_username">follow me</a> 


You may check this page:

Another thing is what will happen if customer does not have installed targeted app (prefered redirect to app store).