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Setting up Adobe Alerts - Weekday/Weekend distinction


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I am struggling with an issue in Alerts area. Please see more below. It would be great to hear some best practices from your end in this topic. It seems to be something quite easy, however when it comes to details there is something I really do not understand.

In a nutshell how can I set up an Alert so that it triggers for the specified values on Weekends and separately on Weekdays on a daily basis?


What do I want to achieve?

Want the alerts to trigger within specified thresholds and criteria (please see below)


What is the situation at the moment?  

Adobe is triggering Alerts with "0" values despite the configuration


Alert Setup

If metric X is below/equals specific level, e.g. 2500 on Weekday (Weekday/Weekend dimension = Weekday) and it is triggered for a specific campaign (segment with specific tracking code), Then please send an Alert


Overall I have an impression that Adobe ignores Weekday/Weekend dimension in the Alert configuration.


Has anyone of you had similar issues? And if so what was the solution you used to fix it?


Looking forward to hearing from you

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@trochira - The weekday/weekend dimension should work, however, I haven't tried it yet. Could you try using the "Day of week" dimension and having Saturday and Sunday for weekends? The best practice is to create a segment for Weekdays and Weekends using the "Day of week" dimension and use the segment in the Alert and see if it works.

In case you still see issue while using the "Day of week" dimension, there must be something else going on and I'd recommend to submit a ticket to client care by writing in to customercare@adobe.com.



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If privacy is not broken perhaps showing us how you defined the alert will assist in troubleshooting.




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Thanks for your reply @Pablo_Childe 


Here is how it looks, 

When I change Weekdays/Weekend to single days, e.g. Sat and Sun the result is the same


Alerts - Weekday.png


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ok to verify are the 3 components  inside a container or are they separate? If separate then add them into 1 new container.


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@Pablo_Childe this is one container, i.e. all components are inside one container