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PatrickP01 05-09-2017


I did a lot of search on this forum, in the Adobe Analytics Help and Reference and on Google and I’m still not sure about the answers to my questions.

I’m looking to compare the average time spent on a certain type of page vs other types. In the past I was using Google Analytics and it was easy to compare time spent on pages. Now, it seems, according to different topics here, that the " average time spent on page " in Adobe Analytics no longer exist and I can’t see it in " Site Content > Pages Report " to add the 'Average Time Spent on Page' metric.

People here are talking about this metric being removed : https://forums.adobe.com/message/9595541#9595541

This topic mention it is a bug " AN-130920 " but it look like no one got it back : https://forums.adobe.com/message/9550048#9550048

So I’m looking how I can know if people spend more time on a certain type of page than the other pages.

In " Site Content > Pages Report " I can still get the "Time Spent per Visit".

Here are my question:

1- No where it is mentioned if the "Time Spent per Visit" metric in the Page report is an average of all visit for each individual pages, but I guess it must be the average of all the time spent per visit for each page, is that right?

2-How do I interpret the total at the bottom of the report for the metric « Time Spent per visit » on the page report ? Is it the total average time spent per visit for all the pages in the report?

3-Is there anyway to get back the 'Average Time Spent on Page' metric?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I checked AN-130920, and was surprised to find that it's still open. Our product team is still determining what should be done, and balancing priority/resources among other features. To answer your question(s):

  1. Correct, time spent per visit is the average amount of time spent on each page per visit. If a user spent exactly one minute on each of these pages:
    A > B > A > C > A
    The average time spent per visit for page A would be 3 minutes, and 1 minute each for page B and C.
  2. The number at the bottom is the total amount of time spent per visit out of all pages in the report. If my example above was the only visit in your report, the summary total would show 5 minutes.
  3. Currently there isn't a way to get time spent on page back - it's still being discussed. If you were to share what decisions would be made with time spent on page that couldn't be made with time spent per visit, that would help our product team understand it's use and value.

Answers (6)

Answers (6)

laetizia_w 23-03-2018

What about average time spent on Site. This metric is counting the total time spent divided by the sequences of that dimension.

When a user views A- --B--C-A--A

Adobe will count the total time spent on page A divided by the sequence of 2.

I think that would be the correct metric in this case.

anjalik19696126 13-09-2017

Percent beside represents the percentage of the line item with respect to total of the metric.

eg Refer column "Time spent per visitor" & line item 1, Percentage= (58*100) / 382

Same goes with other columns

PatrickP01 12-09-2017

Still no reply, but I would really like to understand better the time metrics available. There is « Time spent per visitor » and « Time spent per visit ». There is no question mark (?) beside the name like the other metrics to get more information and nothing to explain it in Adobe Analytics Help and Reference .

Let’s make an example with the Page report including the time metrics. Can anyone help me to make sure I interpret the data the right way.


Time spent per visitor : For the home page, the average time spent per visitor (for the time range selected) is 58 seconds. Is that the right way to read it ? How to interpret the percent beside ?

Time spent per visit : For the home page, the average time spent per visit is 54 seconds. How to interpret the percent beside ?

Total (last line) : How to read it ? Is it "the average time spent per visitor, for every pages, 382 secondes" or is it "the average time time spent per visitor per page" ? Same question for time spent per visit.

I really need to understand this better since I want to compare and measure the engagement on different pages. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !