Adobe Analytics Report suite set-up checklist?




Does Adobe have a basic “set-up checklist” document for new report suite configurations? I've only come across documents for Google Analytics setups.

I'm looking for a doc that I can refer to as I continue to tweak new report suites. A document that could list the basic configurations needs for a report suite.

For example:

- General Settings

- set up Internal URLs

- enable Marketing Channels

- set up Marketing Channel rules

- Traffic Variables/Conversion variable configuration

- enable mobile services if needed

- set up Admin Console (groups/users/domains)

if AMS is configured

- link company ID

- set up context data


Thank you. Really appreciate any insight/guidance

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi paulinab55518612,

You can refer to this article which talks about report suite configuration under Admin tools:

For basic settings while creating a new report suite you can create:

For mobile suite configuration, here is a reference article:

At the moment, there is no single document which contains a checklist.

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