SiteCatalyst wheel enhancement



I would be very helpful if SiteCatalyst administrators had the ability to "gray out"
or somehow hide the products on the SiteCatalyst wheel not
purchased.  We find it is causing confusion and
unnecessary questions from our user group when they see an option on the SiteCatalyst Wheel on the
secure login page but that option is not available for them to use.

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We are working on changes to the product selection process in the Online Marketing Suite that should help your users. In short, users will see a drop-down menu instead of a wheel, and the suite will remember the last product selected, so that the user is taken to that product on subsequent logins. Once this has been released, let us know if it doesn't help clarify things for your users.



We are marking this as implemented. In SiteCatalyst 15, the pinwheel is gone and users are automatically logged in to the landing page for the last product that they used.