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Setting and Deleting "GLOBAL" segments in SiteCatalyst 15


Level 2


Please look into making the setting, editing, and removal of "Global" or "Universal" segments more intuitive.  Right now you have to go to:

Log into the Omniture Suite.
Click Admin > Report Suites.
Select the desired report suite.
Click Edit Settings > Individual Report Suite Settings > Manage Report Suite Segments.
Click Add.
In the Segment Definition Builder, type the title of the segment definition.
Drag and drop and segment definition components as necessary onto the Segment Canvas.
When you are finished, click Save.

CRAZY!  Especially when you can edit/delete personal segments right from the segments drop-down menu within SC reporting OR within Data Warehouse.

It would be great to be able to create/edit/delete Segments to be shown to all users in a more logical place.