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Session End Event


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There should be an "Event End" which is generated by the server when the Session expires.

This would allow to analyse the value of variables which are counted through a session. 

Just one example, but we already have some use cases: We count the numbers of purchases within a session. If we use the purchase event we would get the session counted for all lower numbers of purchases as well.

ie.  we have three purchases -> on usage of the purchase event (or any other event) we would get 1, 2 and 3 as attributed values. If we have a session end event we woudl count to 3 and would only get 3 for that event and evar combination.





Hi Sebastian. For the example you provided, it sounds like event serialization might do the trick. By setting an event with serialization when a user purchases, you can effectively count "Visits where a purchase occurred." Dividing orders by this number would tell you, for users who purchase, how many purchases occur in a session. Is that what you are looking for? If not, please clarify. I'm very interested in this.


Level 4


Hi, thanks for you suggestion, but in this example I want to count the numbers of purchases within one visit. 

In sitecatalyst  I only want the final number of purchases.

eg: A user makes 4 purchases. If I count that in any evar and use the purchase event I will get 1,2,3,4 as values. If we would have a session end event I would only get 4.


This could be used for other purposes as well - if I want to segments visits by number of a certain action within one visit, that would be helpful. 


I could get a session end state of all evars.