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Macintosh Operating System Version


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Currently there is not a way to break down operating systems by version for Macintosh. For example, OSX 10.7 will display as the same operating system as OSX 10.8 in SiteCatalyst's operating system report - both reporting as Macintosh. This same report will break down OS for Windows by version, XP, Vista, 7, etc.


Our tech and quality assurance teams can only support a limited number of operating systems when building and testing a project, and knowing the breakout of Mac OS would allow them to choose the version that is most popular among our site’s users.



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This feature would be a tremendous help to us. Being able to see the true breakdown of Operating systems would allow us to focus our development against supporting the appropriate operating systems (and browsers within that spectrum)


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Apple products are one of our fastest growing segments, particulary in APJ, and a knowledge of OS penetration is very important to tailoring our support offering.