Full Conversion Path Information



I need to be able to see the clickthrough action from start to successful conversion for successful conversion paths. Ideally all successful paths to conversion, but at least the top 10. In the current reporting structure. You can "guess" at pathing in various different reporting options. This does not give the desired result for 2 reasons. 1 it is limited to either 4 or 5 paths, and you have no way to identify if you are looking at the most successful paths to conversion or not. This is a very powerful feature, and I have used it in Coremetrics in previous lives. 

For example- If 23% of your conversion success came from customers going through the specific path of the "these specific 10 pages", it would be be beneficial to try and lead others down that path, as well as shorten the steps needed to get to the successful conversion paths. I did submit a support ticket with all of the detail for the different reports available and what the results return. They did confirm that what I am requesting is not present. 

Would love to have that data going forward!