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Free Unified Traffic Sources Report


Level 2


Currently is a paid service - would at least want to see these categories in one report AND allowing traffic and conversion metrics for free.  Allow this report to be trended for all of the categories and metrics.


A combination of the Referrer Type report , Natural Search/ Paid Search Reports, and Classified Campaign Reports

  1. Typed/Bookmarked Traffic
  2. Paid Search
  3. Natural Search
  4. Email (can use the classified campaign reports or improve the recognition of traffic from Emails)
  5. Other Websites - this categories can be in 2 parts -

             - Paid advertising - sites with tracking codes

             - Non-Paid advertising - sites with no tracking codes


May be allowing the creation of this report from the Admin Console



Level 9


This is another report that is executed much better in Google Analytics.  The Traffic Source report in GA shows a simple breakdown of: Referring Sites vs Direct Traffic vs Search.  Omniture could enhance this by including Campaign tracking as well.  Certainly would be an improvement over looking at the Tracking Code Report, drilling down from the "None" and switching back and forth between reports...




The Marketing Channels report provides a unified view of traffic sources, and is configured in the admin console. Thanks for providing input on it!