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eVar Expiration on Next Page Load/Click


Level 4


I capture the pageName in an eVar on each page load. The expiration is on the hit. That gives me pageNames in a variety of additional reporting.


However I'd like to associate the eVar pageName (and other page attributes stored in eVars such as Channel) with custom events captured on clicks that occur on the page. With the expiration occurring on the page load, the eVar completely misses them.


I could use the Minute expiration, but this just isn't precise enough. If people stay on a page longer then I would miss events.  Letting it expire at the end of the visit could really confuse things in the reporting even with overwriting.


It would work better if the tool had an option to expire on the Next Page Load. That would capture all potential events without worry.


As an additional option, Next Hit could be helpful as well.



Level 9


A couple of years ago there used to be a "page view" expiration, distinct from "hit", which worked for the scenario you mentioned above.   But then for some reason Adobe decided to get rid of that expiration option for reasons unclear to anybody. 


It would be nice if they brought it back, but for now, my workaround is to include my pageName eVar in every s.tl call, too. 


At the end of doPlugins I have code like this:



function s_doPlugins(s) { // .. other stuff /* every hit vars */ if (s.linkType) { s.trackEveryCall = [ 'eVarX' // pageName dupe // etc.. ]; for (var n=0,v=s.trackEveryCall.length;n