Edit/Delete Tags From Drop Down List with Segments and Calculated Metrics

LizaMVW 23-01-2020

Currently, the same drop list of tags appear when adding Segments and Calculated Metrics. Once you create a tag, it will always appear within the drop down list of available tags to choose from. I would like the ability to edit/delete tags from appearing in the drop down list of available options. This would alleviate confusion from analysts about which tags are proper to use and would provide greater flexibility when grouping segments and calculated metrics. 


I understand you can add/edit/delete tags from segments and calculated metrics at any time, but there is currently no availability to edit/delete the drop down list of available tags. So, all spelling errors, improper tags, etc. once created will always appear in the drop down list and could be used by any users with access to segments and calculated metrics, which could lead to problems when assigning tags.


Please let me know if I should explain anything further. Thank you!

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as far as I know a tag will disappear as soon as it isn't used anymore. that means you should change the "misspelled" tags and they should disappear from the list (might take a few days...)

if this is not the case, I suggest you file a ticket for CustomerCare

reportb46259316 19-03-2020

Doing a 'spring cleaning' right now and there are definitely some tags that are dead for a long time now.


I'm pretty sure they won't disappear by themselves. I'm going to contact CustomerCare 🙂

thwo 18-05-2020

I asked Customer Care more than one year ago. This feature of removing or editing tags does not exist. Once added a tag, it will never go away. So finally i'd really appreciate the reqested feature.


@thwo did you try to rename/delete the tags in the projects/items that use this tag? and did it disappear after a few days? I didn't have any problems so far with this method ...

thwo 19-05-2020

Just tried it. Amazingly it worked out, seems to be a new feature. Thanks for pushing me to try it again.