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Correctly calculate multiple currencies in Rollups


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if you have individual report suites with local currencies (US stores in $, German stores reporting in EUR, British in GBP, Canadian in CAN, you get the idea)
when added to a rollup, the individual local revenues do not get converted, all that changes is the currency symbol. Site revenue of 100 EUR becomes $100 resulting in the rollup revenue numbers to become useless.

This effects every client who has more than one currency and uses roll-ups (and yes I know about multi-suite tagging and I do that too, but roll-ups do have their use)


Engineering Services claims this is an enhancement, that's why I am adding as a new idea, although in my world view this counts as a bug

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Absolutely agree with you. I was very suprised when I learned that the rollup suite does not convert currency amounts automatically. This really should be fixed.

The way I am getting around this is by using a separate event for the amount converted by the web app to the rollup currency. But this is far from ideal as you have to constantly remind yourself and users in the organisation not to use the "Revenue" metric. Plus you have to set up separate CalcMetrics related to revenue and the list goes on...