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As an administrator I created a community forum for my user group.  It would be great if I could make my forum the 1st forum my users see above the Omniture Community forum.  As the topics I post will have more task specific related information than the Omniture forum.

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QUESTION: After working with DV video cameras for years, I just purchased an HD Camcorder (Cannon XA30), which uses the AVCHD & MPEG4 Format. I edit using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and I need to burn my projects to standard DVD's. (I also have Adobe After Effects CS5) I usually export my final sequence to Adobe Media Encoder for a file to import into Adobe Encore or Elements for authoring a DVD. I usually work with projects that are about 90 minutes. But even on small projects that are 20 minutes, I've had mixed results. The video looks somewhat pixelated on HD TVs. I've used h.264 and MPEG2 codecs. Can I export to avi and maintain HD video? What is the best way or the best codec to export a project and maintain a HD video? Or is that even possible with standard DVD's? Can anyone recommend a book that would be helpful in understanding High Definition, including editing with HD video? Thank you.