Add Filters (or Advanced Search) to the Request Manager

silk76028 01-07-2014

The Request Manager (and with it the Data Warehouse) would become a lot quicker to use if we were able to filter on specific kinds of requests only. I am able to search for a specific user's  report or report name but I can also see scenarios where searching for a segment, a status or a  combination of these  attributes may become relevant (e.g. "Show  me all my reports that failed", "Show me all reports where segment X was  used").

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aberry 26-01-2016

Totally agree, would really like to filter just my reports that are running or scheduled, or that were last run x days ago.  Even though I've prefixed all of my reports, it is still a pain to focus only the relevant ones. 


Request manager is used a lot, would also be good to see a calendar that shows when reports are scheduled to run.  This would help balance the schedule. 


It would also be useful functionality to embed a link to the segment in the report name so that when opening the report, one can jump straight to the segment.  That would also speed things up.

bobmcc 20-03-2019

Filter should have ability to distinguish between "one time" reports and "repeating" reports.