Ability to set events that do not impact bounce rate



It would be great to set an event that does not impact the bounce rate similar to the 'non-interaction event' in Google Analytics.  I would want to use this metric to capture X # of seconds spent on the page.  This would allow me to get a better sense (not fully accurate) if consumers are spending time with our landing pages where they bounce.


We are currently looking at single page visit rate vs. bounce rate but it still does not give us a view into those that bounce.  I also think this functionality will play nicely with the new 'page visibility' plugin that was touted at Summit 2015.


Note - I saw a similar post back in 2013 that got 17 promotes but no comments from Adobe folks.

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@myquan14 : Thanks for submitting. If you can find the post from 2013 with 17 votes, I'll merge the two ideas and give it 21 votes Smiley Happy 


It's a good idea, and definitely something we should consider. We'll keep an eye on the idea as we develop our collection code and platform. 





here you go.


http://ideas.omniture.com/t5/Idea-Exchange-for-Adobe/Ability-to-exclude-events-from-bounce -rate-calc/idi-p/8801


looking forward to page visibility as well...