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Hello Team,

Welcome to the Adobe Analytics Community Mentorship program! This is the featured Community Discussion thread for your Adobe Analytics Community Mentor, Asheesh Pandey (aka @Asheesh_Pandey), who will be here to guide and support you and your peers with your Adobe Analytics questions as you prepare for the Adobe Analytics Expert Business Practitioner Certification (Exam ID: AD0-EE208)through to the end of the program. 


Aspirants mapped to Asheesh Pandey (aka @Asheesh_Pandey):

How to participate 

  1. The Aspirants’ goal is to clear their Adobe Analytics Certification during program live July 21st, 2023 – September 6th, 2023
  2. Aspirants: Post your Questions in this thread to connect with Asheesh Pandey (aka @Asheesh_Pandey), and your fellow Aspirant peers.  *You are all preparing for the same Certification, so feel free to use this space to share what you’re learning and collaborate! 
  3. Mentors with the most Certified Aspirants by the end of the program will be recognized, and Aspirants with the highest number of Accepted Solutions in the Analytics Community, along with their Certification, will be recognized by the end of program - wishing you all the best! 

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Hey @Thomas_Ashley, @Kavitha1707 ,@princeob14 , @Cparthasarathy , Meghan,  @AbhranilPal @JChana@sidharthmahajan

Welcome! you all. 

You have great experience and already making success in the industry. Keep shining!

I feel certificate readiness questionnaire is a great way to know the focus areas for certification. I'll be here to share what i know and answer your question. Don't hesitate to share interesting learnings as we go, to help each other get the certification.


Do not forget to follow this thread to get notification on the interesting updates and course materials.





Level 2

Hi Asheesh, just confirmed with Nimasha and Sean and I will be in your program


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Quick Overview on Adobe Experience Cloud ID and ID Service

Experience Cloud ID (ECID) - 

The Experience Cloud ID (ECID) serves as a unified identity namespace utilized across both Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Experience Cloud applications.

ECID forms the fundamental basis for customer identity. In the context of the Identity Service, ECID functions as the primary identifier for devices and serves as a central node for identity graphs.

More Info: 

ECID Service -

Adobe Experience Platform Identity Service provides you with a comprehensive view of your customers and their behavior by bridging identities across devices and systems, allowing you to deliver impactful, personal digital experiences in real time.



What ID Service does -

  • Generates a universal key or ID that facilitates linking profiles and identities together.
  • Provides a unique identification for a device across various solutions.
  • Establishes a first-party cookie within the customer's domain to enable tracking on the same domain (refer to Experience Cloud).
  • Accepts aliases and ID mappings from Experience Cloud customers and partners.
  • Handles ID synchronization within the Experience Cloud.
  • Facilitates ID synchronization with various third-party entities throughout the ad tech ecosystem.

More Info: 


Level 2

Thanks Asheesh, how is ECID impacted by the restrictive privacy policies of browers such as Safari and it ITP privacy feature? When going through an AEP implementation, our Adobe Architect advised us to implement our own 1st Party identifier that AEP would use as seeds to generate an ECID.


Community Advisor

ECID is a first-party cookies set by Adobe. First party cookies are commonly used for tracking and providing personalized user experiences, have different limitations based on Apple's Intelligent Tracking Program. Adobe's first-party cookies have specific expiration times, and returning users' treatment is based on whether they return within the allowed timeframe or not.

  1. Adobe's first-party cookies are limited to either a 7-day expiry or a 24-hour expiry, depending on the circumstances.
  2. When the 7-day expiry is applied, if a user visits a website and returns within seven days, the cookie's expiration date is extended by another seven days.
  3. If a user visits a website and returns after eight days, they are treated as a new user on the second visit, meaning the previous cookie data will not be retained.

This restriction affects both Safari and all browsers on iOS and iPadOS. In your experience with Adobe architect. They suggested to implement CRM id as Cross-Device Analytics and Customer Journey Analytics can stitch across cookies using a person ID, such as a hashed login id, if one is available. 

More Details


Level 2

Thanks for the eplanation Asheesh, this is the document that Adobe shared with us. 


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Quick Overview on Tags formerly known as Adobe Launch

Adobe Launch is a tool created by Adobe that helps website owners and marketers manage and add different tags to their websites without needing to change the website's code manually. Adobe Experience Platform Launch has been rebranded as a suite of data collection technologies in Adobe Experience Platform. 

Tags in Adobe Experience Platform are the next generation of tag management capabilities from Adobe. Tags give customers a simple way to collect data and connect with various marketing and analytics tools without relying on the IT department or developers. This way, changes can be made quickly and efficiently.


Launch Overview and understanding of common integrations:

https://helpx.adobe.com/analytics/how-to/getting-started-with-adobe-launch.html (10 min)

https://helpx.adobe.com/analytics/how-to/installing-extensions-in-adobe-launch.html (6 min)

Deep Dive on Tags 



Level 2

Hi @Asheesh_Pandey ! 


We are using some extensions like FB Pixel and LinkedIn along with One Trust solution for consent management. What we have not been able to do it basis consent preference, control the behavior of these extensions and hence tools. 


We have a strong compliance policy and hence we have limited cookie usage from One Trust and manually applied triggers basis the consent preferences to fire rules. Is that a good way? 

Implementation teams with the agency cite this as a challenge with initiating Web SDK setup saying it doesn't have a flexible setting basis preference so like all or nothing approach for now. Do you have any insight on this, how would you recommend we deal with this?





Community Advisor

Hi Prince,

Please connect with OneTrust and your legal and compliance office to review it.





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Hey @Thomas_Ashley, @Kavitha1707,@princeob14@Cparthasarathy, Meghan, @AbhranilPal, @JChana@sidharthmahajan

Please take a moment to go through the toolkit provided in Module 1 for this week.

Familiarize yourselves with the topics that will be covered. We encourage you to dedicate efforts to completing these topics within the current week, as this will enable us to progress to the next set of subjects in the upcoming week.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the material, feel free to share them here. We are here to assist you. 

Expert Business Practitioner Toolkit 1 is here 


Level 2

Thanks Asheesh,

Will data workbench be part of the exam as it is end of life in December 2023? Just wondering how much time I should spend on data workbench.


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Hi @Thomas_Ashley, @Kavitha1707,@princeob14@Cparthasarathy, Meghan, @AbhranilPal, @JChana@sidharthmahajan

Take a moment and explore the toolkit thoughtfully curated for Module 2 this week.

Remember, growth is a step-by-step journey, and each step you take in understanding these materials brings you closer to your goals. Your enthusiasm and commitment inspire us all.

If any questions or uncertainties arise while you navigate through the material, don't hesitate to bring them forward. Your progress is a priority, and I'm here to provide all the support you need.

Keep up the great work!

Expert Business Practitioner Module 2 ToolKit 


Level 3


Thanks Asheesh.

If you could share the differences between Data warehouse and Data feeds , and when its best to use them it would be very helpful, like scenarios when we would need to use data warehouse and data feeds



Community Advisor

@cparthasarathy  Here are some key differences between Adobe Data Warehouse and Adobe Data Feeds, and when it's best to use each.

Adobe Data Warehouse: Data Warehouse is better for performing holistic, complex analysis and reporting within Adobe.

  • Centralized data repository that integrates data from multiple Adobe solutions like Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign, etc.
  • Provides a holistic view of customer data from across channels.
  • Enables complex analysis and reporting with SQL queries.
  • Data is processed and structured for analysis.
  • Ideal for in-depth analysis, data mining, machine learning model building.

Best Uses: Building custom reports and dashboards, performing advanced analysis like churn modeling, attribution, journey analysis etc.

Adobe Data Feeds: Data Feeds provide raw data exports for migrating data outside of Adobe into other systems.

  • Provide raw data exports from individual Adobe solutions.
  • Near real-time access to data right from the source.
  • Data is unprocessed and unstructured.
  • Flexible delivery options via FTP or API.
  • Ideal for migrating data to external warehouses or feeding other systems.

Best Uses: Exporting raw data to feed into external data warehouses, ETL systems, integrate with business intelligence tools like Tableau, CRM system like Salesforce, or push to other marketing platforms.

Data Processing Order (click to Enlarge)

Look for box (data warehouse) and circle (data feed) selection









Analytics Products Technical Details: (click link to open page) 

Description: This page contains a comparison of various Adobe Analytics products: Analysis Workspace, Reports & Analytics, Report Builder, Data Warehouse, Data Workbench, Data Feeds and Analytics API 2.0.

Link: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/admin-overview/analytics-product-compariso... 

Which Analytics tools should use Where? (click link to open page)


  • Adobe Analytics Reporting User Interfaces
  • Tools used Importing Data into Adobe Analytics
  • Tools used Exporting Data from Adobe Analytics

Link: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/analytics/analyze/admin-overview/which-analytics-tool.html?l... 


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Hi @Thomas_Ashley, @Kavitha1707,@princeob14@Cparthasarathy@MG63@AbhranilPal@JChana@sidharthmahajan

I encourage you to thoroughly review the learning materials focused on segmentation and calculated metrics in Module 3 this week.

Building expertise in data analysis takes time and steady practice. Working through these materials is the next step to expand your skills in this area. Your dedication motivates all of us.

I'm here to offer explanations or guidance as needed. Don't hesitate to flag anything unclear – I want to provide the support for you to feel confident with segmentation and calculated metrics.

Expert Business Practitioner Module 3 ToolKit 


Level 2

Thank you Asheesh! We are trying to bring in Web Vitals data into Analytics to focus on UX overall and resultantly a hit post the pageview may lead to bounce rate dipping to lower single digits. 

We discussed and thought maybe a custom bounce rate definition of Single Page Visits/ Entries can be setup and replaced. 

What are your thoughts? Is this a good practice? Do note we have podcasts and videos and no login setup yet so there maybe cases where people get to a page due to an email campaign,listen to a podcast and leave from the page and we risk them counting as a bounce with the new definition. 


Is there any other solution that you can think of? We checked with every possible person including Adobe support and in communities, seems like not a lot of people have given this a deep thought on how to deal with it. Agency gave up on it too!


Level 2

Hi Prince,


We have implemented a custom bounce rate of Single page visits / entries. As we have multiple hits fire as soon as the user lands on the site on any given page. As you mentioned above the downside to this is that you have engaging content that might mean the user stays on the page for a period of time and engages with videos or podcasts. You could perhaps in this instance look for any video starts or podcast start events (if set up) and exclude them from your calculated metric.


This is the great thing with AA, you get to define as a business what you mean by bounce rate. I would engage with stakeholders and perhaps come up with a definition of what bounce rate is for your business