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Adding and/or options between refinement lines like the audience options would make scoping activities to specific pages much easier. Currently, you can only use "or" if there is only one condition by listing the values. However, if targeting a group of pages requires different types of conditions, there's no "or" option, only "and."

Example: We would like an activity to show on our homepage and landing pages. While the landing pages have values in the url that we can target, the homepage does not. To target the homepage, we have to use the "Path | is | /". Because "path" is different from "url contains," it adds a new line and is considered an "and" statement.

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Thank you for sharing this idea! At the moment, one has the "Or" option by typing more URLS in the text field, and then clicking "Enter" (see screenshot below):

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.06.35 AM (1).png

Furthermore, we are currently working on adding additional refinement options at the location level in the form-based activity creation flow so that we can provide even greater flexibility - stay tuned in to our upcoming release notes for updates.