Using Component Model data to show/hide fieldset in component Dialog



Hi guys so I have a task and I am not just looking for a solution, but hopefully the most efficient. So I have a component that needs to get data (boolean variable) for the page/template properties then using that, we can show/hide certain fields within the dialog.


So let's say in the template I am using I have a checkbox with a property that says include feature, now what I want is for a particular component, Say heading&summary to be able to grab that page property and use it to show/hide options on my Heading&Summary component.


How can I achieve this? I stumbled up a granite feature renderCondition and I am not sure if this is one of the case I can use, say maybe implementing "Simple" condition. 


You assistance would be appreciated. thanls

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Accepted Solutions (1)





. I wrote a tutorial on creating custom render conditions (can be done in 10 mins) here: In the tutorial you will learn to show or hide a component property in the edit dialog based on the navigation title of the containing page (you can then quite easily change it to consider a different page property of your choosing).

Hope it helps 👍