Fetch data feed from Adobe Analytics to AEM




We have a requirement to fetch data feed from analytics via an API call and then push this data to AEM.

Now there are 2 recommended approaches to do this:

1) OAuth Authentication : It needs manual intervention wherein user has to manually key in his credentials so cannot be done via backend code.

2) JWT Authentication: This is a very complex approach wherein we need a valid signed certificate with a private key which is not feasible in our case with multiple environments and the approach itself means different integrations for each environments and again complexity of updating private key each time the certificate changes. It may also not get approved by our security team.

The last approach, which I haven't tried and may not work for page views is:API Key integration which doesn't need any authentication but only authorization which is not secure.

Is there any best approach which is secure and doesn't require manual intervention by the user? We cannot use the JWT approach because of complexity involved.

Please suggest the best solution and which is closer to OAuth approach.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Have you had a chance to review the OOTB feature: Content Insight (pages) Content Insight and Asset Insight - Asset Insights

It allows syncing with AEM author  Analytics var and it those can be presented in a dashboard.

In a case, you are using re-wring rules on a front-end, you would also need to complete Implementing Server-Side Page Naming for Analytics

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