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Configuring Live Copy Synchronization by Adobe docs


Perform the following tasks to control how and when live copies are synchronized with their source content.
1. Decide whether existing rollout configurations meet your requirements, or whether you need to create one or more.
2. Specify the rollout configurations to use for your live copies.

Installed and Custom Rollout Configurations
This section provides information about the installed rollout configurations and the synchronization actions that they use, and how to create custom configurations if required.

Rollout Triggers
Each rollout configuration uses a rollout trigger that causes the rollout to occur. Rollout configurations can use one of the following triggers:
1. On Rollout : The Rollout command is used on the blue print page, or the Synchronize command is used on the live copy page.
2. On Modification : The source page is modified.
3. On Activation : The source page is activated.
4. On Deactivation : The source page is deactivated.

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Configuring Live Copy Synchronization


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