smaylle 09-04-2019

Hi guys,

I have tried to use the SPA editor on IE 11 but no luck.

I tried my project (Angular) and Adobe samples (React and Angular) and got same error:

ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): ReferenceError: 'fetch' is undefined

ReferenceError: 'fetch' is undefined

No support for ie 11? Is there any link where I can get information about the supported browsers?

Thanks in advance.

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eshoemak 01-08-2019

This worked for me!  The essentials in my implementation were:

  • custom-event-polyfill
  • react-app-polyfill/ie11
  • react-app-polyfill/stable

I was able to install each module via NPM and import them atop my index.js file of the react app, and IE 11 now has all of the polyfills needed to successfully run my react app.  Thanks for the share, michaelr87730166​!

michaelr8773016 31-07-2019
import 'custom-event-polyfill';

import 'core-js/es6';

import 'regenerator-runtime/runtime';

import 'react-app-polyfill/ie9';

import 'react-app-polyfill/ie11';

import 'react-app-polyfill/stable';

These libs need to be included in the import located in index.js of the project. You will also need to include the dependencies of the project definition.


React itself does not support Internet Explorer 11 natively.

Supported Browsers and Features · Create React App

// This must be the first line in src/index.js

import 'react-app-polyfill/ie11';

This isn't an AEM thing.

eshoemak 31-07-2019

I'm facing a very similar issue:

`unhandled promise rejection TypeError: Object doesn't support this action `

I have followed the polyfill instructions, but can't seem to figure this one out... any suggestions, anyone?

vsingh1802 10-06-2019

I am facing similar issue. I tried multiple polyfill (react-app-polyfill, core-js, babel-polyfill) but the issue is still there.

The sample wknd react app that AEM provides for SPA doesn't work with IE 11. 

Initially I was getting 'unable to get property bind of undefined or null reference'. After adding the polyfills I am getting below error in IE 11:

Unhandled promise rejection Error: Access is denied

number: -2147024891