AAM integration w/ Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)



Hi all,

Would like to know whether AAM can be integrated w/ Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) or not.

If yes, will appreciate if  you let me know how AAM integrates w/ AAP, such as destination type, key-value pair type, transfer timing, and so on.

So far we've not created the AAP destination yet, but we might have to do in near future.

Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi there,

Yes, AAM can be integrated with Amazon ad platform. For this, you need to contact AAM customer support team Adobe Help Center and they will set up server to server destination. You can then map segments to this destination from your AAM UI.

When you will contact support team, you will have to provide them your AAM account details and Amazon Advertiser CFID (integer).


Varun Kalra

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