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TOP 10 Digital Trends On The Charts for 2019!




Every Year brings in new challenges for the marketers and with the emergence of new age technologies it becomes harder to stay in the competition. When businesses are putting out their neck-to-neck digital strategies, first impressions become everything! We bring to you the trending top 10 channels that will help grow your business further in 2019.

Content Marketing: Content is the sole reason your business gets found on the world wide web. There is so much of content everywhere may it be newsletters, social media, blog pages etc. ‘Maintaining great content’ for your brand will help you to stand out from the crowd. However, it is tricky to always play strategically with your exciting content which in turn becomes the reason why your website is loved by your audiences.

Email Marketing: while there is always a “most preferred” way every business may want to put their communication strategy around, but email marketing has always been one of the most trusted, easy and effective ways to put your message across.

Email automation is growing like never before to cut down unnecessary info spam mailers, send targeted, timely, customized messages focusing on quality leads, meaning, it has a higher open rate and will help drive visits and revenue to your business.

AI & machine learning: this breakthrough technology is empowering marketers to analyze data more effectively. Marketers are increasingly using AI tools to enhance user experience. AI can analyze consumer behavior and search patterns from past search/social media platforms/blog posts to help businesses understand how the audience finds products and services. AI trends have the potential to offer excellent opportunities to augment growth, improved quality of leads, content delivery, experience, analytics, strategy and much more.

Chatbots: Again, using AI technology to reach customers, chatbots are instant messaging tools. The one-to-one personalized chats instill more confidence in your brands. There are many businesses making use of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, slack to reach out. An automated answer bank of your frequently asked questions will make the process speedy and enhance your customer experience. You may also use it a step further like giving them suggestions, which would be cross -selling for you or use Augmented reality (AR) which opens up a plethora of further options and delight the customer.

Video Marketing: Video Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Coming of age is the OTT (Over-the-top) platforms, which is fast becoming unique and versatile in terms of content across the world. With almost 35% growth YoY, OTT is the name when it comes to consuming digital content. A huge market lies in here for digital marketers to tap and target. OTT uses a user’s broadband connection to deliver high quality digital video content directly to users via the Internet. You might have already tasted some of it while using Netflix, Hulu or Amazon fire. New capabilities like AR & 360 degree video add to the video viewing capabilities.

Voice Search: when you verbally search anything on your smartphone or any other device. Voice search is becoming popular day after day, especially with teens and younger Millennials (ages 18-24). Comscore’s statistical search analysis predicts at least 50% of all searches will be accomplished via voice search by 2020.

Search Marketing (Visual): Well, the traditional Visual search is bracing up to take the user experience to a new level. Searching by images is additional feature, so is viewing the ads. Pinterest has introduced lens, a new visual tool that helps you click a picture of an object and get details of where to buy it from, the price and the other details. Google too has its own Google lens that helps in identifying objects like books, paintings, or a business card & landmarks and locations.

Influencer marketing: It starts with celebrity endorsement and frequent calling out with a content driven marketing campaign. Hence it is a collaboration between brands and influencers. Choosing the right influencer who can cater to your audience is necessary. Get the influencer to create a series of 10-sec videos rather than a television ad. An influencer does not need to be a celebrity artist, but a famous photographer for Instagram-worthy pics or a blogger would do. Building a long-term relationship with an influencer builds credibility with their audiences, and as they grow and mature, you can rely on these influencers for strategic insights as well into maintaining a community of loyal fans.

Social Media: One feature, Social media stories have gained immense popularity with Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook all competing neck-to-neck., YouTube too has ventured in with ‘reels’. Apart from suing Social media using messaging apps too have seen a steady growth. WhatsApp, Facebook messenger have more than one billion active users every day.

Mobile Marketing: this is not new; however, stats confirm that more than 80% users connect to social media, use messaging apps, use voice search & much more on their mobiles. This means you can find the most engaged members here! Hence make sure you are on mobile web search and mobile maps for local searches.

When sketching out your plan this year, incorporate trends that are hit with the masses and do not forget to add in your unique signature to the content, because at the end, it is great content that wins the show whichever channel you might prefer to go forward with.