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Report showing pending proofs for reviewers


Level 4


Description - I would like a report that shows pending proofs for users with a reviewer role in proof

Why is this feature important to you - We have a number of users that are listed as reviewers on proofs but only get notified when they are first added to the proof. I would like reporting I can add to their dashboard where they can see all proofs were they are added as a reviewer.

How would you like the feature to work - Once the user is added as a reviewer on the proof, it will pop up on their Pending Proof Review Report and it will be removed once all decisions have been made on the stage they on.

Current Behavior - Currently, the proof reporting only allows Reviewer/Approver roles to be pulled into Proof reports.



Level 2


The My Work/Home page allows approvers to see the proofs they need to approve, but what about Reviewers? They need to be able to access a list of documents they need to review without relying on emails to track their proofs.

Is there a way to open reporting up to show reviewer level and not just approvers?


It's amazing to me that there is no report or API field class or collection that will return a list of proofs that the user is tagged as a "Reviewer" on. This is very much needed.


Level 2


I am looking for a way to create a report that lists proofs that a user is on as a reviewer. For example, Sara Lee is added to a proof as a reviewer and gets an email notification that she’s been added to a proof. But she receives numerous proofs to review. How can she keep track of all the proofs she’s on outside of emails?