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Increase limit of 15 groupings in a Calendar Report


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Our users like utilizing calendar groupings in the Calendar module of Workfront to view their projects however the system only allows 15 calendar groups to be added. If you try to click on the "Add to Calendar" link once already have 15 the system presents a message stating "You've reached the limit of calendar groups". I'd like to increase or remove this limit altogether so that teams within our organization can utilize one central tool for roadmap exercises. 


There is only 15 maximum groupings/legend options you can have on a calendar. We've run into multiple instances where we can't make the calendar we want or have to separate calendars that should be together only because we have 15 as the max # of options. It would be really great to have the same custom color options that already exists with the chart custom colors in reporting and bring that into calendars, and pair that with ability to have more than 15. This is seemingly an easy ask that would really go a long way for us!

We need more groupings as well. Thanks, for getting the conversation started @Madalyn_Destafney 

We currently use a calendar for media bookings and the limit is requiring us to create multiple calendars. This could be a much better user experience if they only had one calendar to access. 


And if there's a beta for Calendar updates, please sign me up!


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Hello Everyone, Madalyn,

Louise from STARZ here.

We also do not want a limit on calendar groups.

15 as a maximum is very limiting. I am not going to give a number that is ideal, but is there a maximum to be aware of? Ideally, there would not be a maximum. What is the reasoning for choosing 15?

Please let me know how quickly this is being implemented/triaged etc.