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Workfront AEM assets integration


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Hello Experts,

I have a question regarding the control of the folder view of AEM assets for a workfront user in the context of asset upload and sharing through AEM assets-workfront integration.

Specifically, I would like to know how the list of AEM folders that a logged-in workfront user can see while uploading and selecting the AEM path for an asset is controlled.

Is it necessary for the workfront user to have a corresponding AEM assets user and enter those credentials when uploading assets, or does workfront authenticate the session using the user credentials entered during the setup of the connection?

I would appreciate any insights you can provide.


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Which integration are you using?


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Hi @Vishav_Sharma 


In regard to AEM Assets-Workfront integration, typically, AEM Assets and Workfront integration requires a service account with adequate permissions in both systems.

In the context of accessing and uploading assets, here are possible scenarios:

  1. If the integration is built at service account level, the Workfront user could potentially have access to see all folders in AEM Assets which the service account has access to regardless of his individual permissions in AEM or Workfront.

  2. If the integration requires individual Workfront users to enter their corresponding AEM Assets user credentials when uploading assets, then they can only access the folders in AEM Assets that their corresponding AEM user has access to.