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How to Access Workfront Experience League Events, Documentation, and Learning Pages




This blog is part of a Community Walkthrough series for old Workfront One Community members. Please see the directory below to navigate to other topics in this walkthrough guide:

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How to Access Workfront Experience League Events, Documentation, and Learning Pages
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As a part of the migration, all old Workfront One Community destinations will have a new home on Experience League. Redirects for any bookmarked pages you may have saved should automatically navigate you to their respective counterparts on the new platform. Please be sure to reference the How to Redirect old Workfront One Community URLs guide for further details.


In addition, the redirected pages, the Events, Documentation, and Learning pages of the old Workfront One Community will all have new homepages on Experience League. Please see the newly redesigned sections below.


Workfront Events

The new homepage for Workfront Events and User Group meetings can be found here. All upcoming and past events will be rolled over and available on the day of migration. The homepage will include highlighted featured events from our extensive library, as well as upcoming webinars and events that you can sign up for.




On the left sidebar, we’ve categorized events by Workfront solution areas so that you can easily navigate to pre-recorded session topics:

Workfront Documentation

The new homepage for the Workfront Documentation site lives within the broader Experience League Documentation website. You can access it here.


Like the Product Documentation page on the old Workfront One Community, documentation on the new homepage is categorized by Workfront area on the left sidebar. You can also access important documentation related to current and past product releases here.





For developers, the API Explorer on the old Workfront One Community has been migrated to the Adobe Developers website. You can access it directly here, feel free to bookmark it for easy access in the future!



Workfront Learning

The new homepage for Experience League Learning can be accessed here. From here, you can access all courses, documentation, tutorials, and instructor-led training for any Adobe Experience Cloud solution, including Workfront. The Experience League Learning platform also includes curated learning dashboards that you can adjust to your preferences.


To access courses, you'll need to login to Experience League Courses using your Adobe ID. Though this was previously not required on the old Workfront One Community, please note that you won't be able to view Experience League course content without having an account. If you do not have an Adobe ID account, please create a free account using your corporate or personal email addresses. There is no other authentication system required for the end user aside from Adobe ID. 


For direct access to Workfront Learning Courses and Tutorials, please click the following links: 


  • Workfront Learning Courses: The Workfront Learning page is a guided learning curriculum broken down into bite-size lessons from which you can save your progress on. Each course includes a short introductory video that provides a brief overview of the topic and what you can expect to learn. We recommend going through the Workfront Learning Course if you are a new user or just getting started with Workfront. 
  • Workfront Tutorials: The Workfront Tutorials page is a library of training articles and videos to get you up to speed on a specific product area. We recommend using this page if you're an intermediate to advanced Workfront user, or if you specifically know what you're looking for.
    • You can access all Fusion learning content here in the Workfront Tutorials page. Fusion learning content requires access to a test drive - you'll need to fill out the form listed on the hyperlinked Fusion tutorial page to request a test instance.

  • Workfront One to Experience League Learning Map: Catching up with the latest format for Workfront learning material can be overwhelming. To make this process simpler, we've created a directory to map out how all of our training content on the old Workfront One Community maps to Workfront Experience League Courses. Use this page as a guide to locate training material most relevant to you. 

Please note that the video content on both the Courses and Tutorials page are mostly identical, they are just reorganized according to their use case.


The terminology for training content has changed. Learning Paths on the old Workfront One Community have been re-labelled as Experience League Courses so that they are more streamlined with all other training content on the Experience League Learning platform. Please note that redirects for Learning Paths and Programs are being worked on and will be live shortly (edit made 08/17/22). 


For a direct link to a Learning Path (to include in your internal onboarding processes or for bookmarking purposes), you'll need to click on the share icon to get the URL to the specific learning path you're looking for (shoutout to @MoniqueEvans for sharing this in another thread!). Please see some examples below for reference:

  • Workfront for Collaborators - Learn how to use a Review or Request license to easily request, review, and collaborate on tasks, documents, and proofs in the new Workfront experience
  • Workfront for Workers - For individuals who receive work or requests and collaborate with teams on projects and documents
  • Workfront for Planners - Start your Workfront journey by learning to create and plan projects. Workfront recommends you keep things simple
  • Workfront for System Admins - Learn the first stages of how to set up users and optimize your users experience with system settings


We strongly encourage you to fill out your learning profile for a more tailored learning experience. You can do this by selecting the “Profile” option in the dropdown menu that appears when you hover over your avatar.


Screen Shot 2022-07-19 at 12.39.46 PM.png


You will be directed to the Profile page, where you can select your learning preferences to curate your Learning Dashboard. Select your preferred options for your learning interests, role, experience level, industry, and the types of notifications you’d like to receive.



Your Learning Dashboard will now reflect the course content that reflects your selected learning preferences.