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User Permissions within Launch



Good afternoon! Thought I would take a moment to explain user permissions for Launch when you first get started. For those of you coming from DTM to Launch this can be slightly confusing at first.

The Launch default permission group that is there really has no access to any products. If you click on the Permissions tab for Launch you will see that you have Default access to all properties but the bottom option there will say 0 of 6 for the permissions. If you edit this you will be greeted with an option to create groups by a way of copying the group you already built and building the permissions. Giving all the group permissions in this section or 6 of 6 is effectively Admin level access.

I would highly recommend First using the Copy option to copy the permissions of the default group leaving the permissions 0 of 6 on the default group and then creating yourself an Admin group or 6 of 6 on the permissions. Then adding your users to this. This I have noticed has been a common item we see from our Client Care teams lately of how do I get started with permissions to Launch.

If you have any questions regarding permissions feel free to respond and I and the staff would be happy to help out!

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It might be useful to have the default group just be users, so you would need to add the permission of Manage Properties, which will allow any user to see things, but not necessarily make changes. That way the default group could be useful with adding people to it.  Also, it would be useful to rename the default group like Read-Only or something like that. Here's a link to the documentation: https://docs.adobelaunch.com/administration/users

Again, just my thoughts.